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BC Agriculture In The Classroom

Supported by the Province of British Columbia and the Provincial Health Services Authority, Harker's Organics is a proud partner of The BC School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program (BCSFVNP). Harker’s Organics has been part of the program since the 2007 pilot project. Fruits provided by Harker's Organics include organic peaches, plums, pears and apples.
Fruits and vegetables in the classroom ensure kids have a greater understanding of agriculture and receive better nutrition. Through our involvement with BC Agriculture in the Classroom, we are motivated to assist the increase of BC students enjoying the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables from BC farmers and producers. According to Sara, “It is an important program that helps educate the next generation on the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Incorporating the program into a classroom setting gives kids a different environment in which to try foods that their friends are eating which usually results in a positive experience, even with fruits and veggies they thought they didn’t like. It is an important social and health program that initiates outside of the box thinking with students, allowing them to experience fruits and veggies they may have never had before. We started off shipping 10 boxes of apples to the program and now we are shipping semi-trucks full of produce.
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