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In a nutshell, it is all about sustainability: We need to sustain what we have so that there is something to pass down to the next generation! As the objective of sustainability lies in the heart of organic farming, we at Harker's Organics have set our sole focus on creating and maintaining integrated, humane, environmentally, and economically sustainable agriculture and business practices. Below are some of the specific ways in which Harker's Organics is working towards creating and maintaining a better Earth for the generations to come...

Locally, organically, and sustainably grown/sourced food

Eco-friendly wine & bottles and recycled corks

Compostable & recycled packaging materials

For us, the term “sustainable" is used in its widest sense...

To encompass not only the conservation of non-renewable resources but also to alleviate our world's most pressing and current issues of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

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