Harker's Organics Generations

(est. 1886)

1st Generation, William James Manery

The Harker (nee Manery) Family settled in the Similkameen Valley in 1888, just 17 years after British Columbia became Canada’s sixth Province. The 1st Generation, William James Manery came west from Ontario in the mid 1880’s.

2nd Generation, Samuel and Mabel Manery

Samuel was the fourth non-native baby born in the Similkameen Valley. Samuel and Mabel raised 6 children on the farm; Ronald, Gordon, Helen, Jean, Marjorie and Kathleen.  Samuel and Mabel continued to Ranch but also diversified the farm. Samuel planted ground crops and ran the tomato cannery in Cawston.  Samuel also planted a snow apple tree on the front lawn of the original homestead in 1916. This tree stands today as a stoic reminder of the families rich history in the Similkameen Valley!


The 3rd Generation, Ken and Marjorie Harker

(The transition from Manery to Harker) continued the family business. They raised 5 children on the farm, Rick, Geraldine, Randy, Bruce, and Debbie. Ken and Marjorie continued to farm ground crops, tree fruits and a few cattle. They raised their four children on the farm. In 1956, they took the farm to a new level with the addition of a retail market.

The 4th Generation, Bruce and Kathy Harker

Bruce and Kathy took over the family farm in 1973.  Upon their arrival, came the expansion of the wholesale and packing of fruit for other growers.  With the arrival of the 5th Generation,  their four children, Jason, Tyla, Troy and Alysha Harker came the need for sustainability and the move back to Organics. Bruce and Kathy expanded the road side stand to the beautiful Organic Market that stands today. 

5th Generation, Troy and Sara Harker

With the arrival of the 5th generation came more diversification. In 2008, the fourth and fifth generations worked together an added a fruit winery and cidery. Troy expanded on the wholesale operation expanding growers and sales across Canada and overseas. In 2016 they added a commercial kitchen, preparing on site soups, salads, sandwiches and preserves. 

6th Generation

The 6th generation, compromised by 9 children, is by far the cutest. Troy and Sara are raising three children on the farm; Kaydence, Akaya and Braxtyn.  Jason and Jessica have two sons; Breiton and DariuszTyla and Gary have three children; Garrison, Tysson and Grace. Alysha and Dan have a daughter Autumn.  It is our hope that the sixth generation continues the family legacy.

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