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Why Choose Organic?


Organic farming can be defined as an approach in which the goal is to create integrated, humane, environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture. The objective of sustainability lies in the heart of organic farming. The term “sustainable" is used in its widest sense, to encompass not just the conservation of non-renewable resources, but also issues of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The key characteristics of organic farming include:

1. Protecting the long term fertility of soils by maintaining organic matter, encouraging biological soil activity and also careful mechanical intervention.

2. Providing crop nutrients indirectly using sources which are made available to the plant by the action of soil micro-organisms.

3. Weed, disease and pest control relying primarily on crop rotations, natural predators, diversity, organic manuring and minimal biological intervention.

4. Careful attention to the impact of the farming system on the wider environment and the conservation of wildlife and natural habitats.

In a nutshell, it is all about sustainability;  We need to sustain what we have so that there is something to pass down to the next generation

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